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    James Huntington (Rochester, NY, US)
    A+ Pre Workout 👍

    I tried a few scoops from my friend at the gym pre workout and the effects were amazing! I felt a nice steady rush of energy and focus and the muscle pumps and endurance were very noticeable compared to the other pre workouts I’ve tried. As soon as I got home from training that day I placed my order. I take 1-2 scoops before each workout session and stack that with their 2-4 caps of their Vasoswole pump product. All around Great products NCN! I love stacking this with the Vasoswole - HUGE PUMPS!!

    Bill Miles
    The BEST Pre-Workout Supplement !

    A friend gave me a sample of a Pre-Workout they have been using which was Synergy. I took it before we worked out that day and to sum things up, after my workout I immediately went home and bought it. The formula is very smooth and mixes very well. The effects that this pre workout provided me were by far the most enjoyable that I have experienced and I’ve tried many different pre workout supplements. Beyond a very tasty and refreshing flavor, the training experience on it is amazing. I have noticed the muscle pumps are very strong, every time. The muscle-mind connection it provides allows me to really feel the muscle being worked and even has increased my strength and endurance on some exercises. This product provides me with 0 jitters or any other unwanted negative side effects. The energy is very clean and does not give me the typical pre workout crash. I have been training for many years and Synergy is definitely my top 3 favorite pre workouts of all time. Also, I usually take 1 scoop and on days where I need a little bit extra energy, I will take 2 and it's perfect. I’m Looking forward to trying the Blueberry-Lemonade next!

    Nicholas Costanza
    Clean Swole

     Shout out to NCN supps for putting together a solid formula. Gets ya feelin just right 👌🏼

    Laura (Avon, OH, US)
    Smooth Energy

    It's been a while since I have used a powdered preworkout. I am glad I gave this a try! I was pleasantly surprised at the overall quality - mixes well without a ton of water, tastes great (not the most important thing, but definitely helps!), and the energy is smooth. It gives a solid boost for me to crush any training day, but I don't feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin. Anecdotally, it seems to boost my mood. I trust NCN ingredients, so I am happy they now make a pre!

    Doc Wright (Stafford, VA, US)

    Upon using it I noticed it’s sustainability enhancement… I was able to complete my workout with no drag; it felt as if I could keep going another hour after my 80 minute workout.



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