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Genbolin is an all-natural muscle builder and recovery agent specially formulated to help place your body into a muscle building state – allowing for your muscle, strength, and recovery gains to be taken the next level. Through its ability to enhance protein synthesis, Genbolin allows for more protein to be available to aid in the growth of new muscle tissue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Mark R. (Webster, NY, US)
Genbolin is the BEST!!

Genbolin is by far my favorite supplement from NCN Supps. This product has helped me increase my strength and lean body mass. Highly recommend for anyone to try looking to add some extra strength and muscle!

Laura (Avon, OH, US)
Genbolin is the secret

I have been taking Genbolin regularly for several months now. This is the secret. This is what has helped me get over strength plateaus and I depend on it for recovery. The most notable benefits for me have been maintaining strength during cuts, and recovery. There is a noticeable improvement in my recovery time and I feel overall stronger and more solid. For reference, I am a small-esque female, and I take 2 per day with meals. Genbolin will give you the edge and works alongside your nutrition and training.

Best Product

Best product of its kind. Energy and increased protein synthesis.

Ds Fredrickson (Valencia, CA, US)
Great product!!

I have tried other laxogenin products and this one has hands down given me the best experience with this ingredient. Thank you NCN for putting out such great quality products.

Adam Seal (Burbank, CA, US)
Great for maintaining strength on a cut.

This stuff is really good for maintaining your strength while cutting.