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    Understanding Muscle-Building Supplements: A Beginner’s Guide

    Understanding Muscle-Building Supplements: A Beginner’s Guide - NCN Supps

    Toning your body and buffing up take more than a few visits to the gym. You would need a lot of patience, perseverance, discipline, and energy to get your dream body. Unsurprisingly, most people would take muscle-building supplements to speed up the process. 

    If you’re new to this lifestyle, you might have some questions you want answered: 

    • Are muscle supplements enough to increase muscle mass and improve performance? 
    • Are muscle supplements safe to use? 
    • What are these supplements made of? 
    • Which supplements should I buy?

    Let’s answer these questions by understanding the science behind muscle growth supplements, their benefits, and potential risks. Discover how they can help fitness enthusiasts and aspiring muscle builders like you achieve optimum muscle growth and development in this beginner’s guide for muscle builders.

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    What do muscle enhancer supplements contain?

    This is one of the first concerns fitness and health enthusiasts will have when shopping for muscle growth supplements. What blend of nutrients do they contain to stimulate muscle gain and improve workout performance? Let’s find out some of the most common muscle supplement main ingredients below:

    • Proteins - Protein-based supplements focus on enhancing muscle protein synthesis and fostering optimum muscle development. Whey protein powder is a notable example.
    • Fatty acids - Supplements containing fatty acids can help reduce muscle soreness and enhance muscle strength, performance, and recovery rather than gain. Fatty acids include Omega-3 fats, Lipoic acid, and Phosphatidylserine.
    • Essential amino acids - Before your body can synthesize proteins for muscle development, it must first have the essential amino acids. Essential amino acid supplements help repair muscle tissue, build muscle, and enhance performance.
    • Creatine supplements - Creatine is an essential chemical that supplies energy to our muscles. While we naturally produce creatine, we only synthesize small amounts of this chemical. Creatine supplements can bridge these gaps in a strict fitness program, boosting muscle performance all throughout.

    How effective are these supplements for muscle growth?

    The effectiveness of muscle growth supplements has long been debated and researched in the health and fitness field. If you feel hesitant and skeptical about how beneficial these supplements are, you aren’t alone. To give you a brief overview, let’s take a look at what research says about muscle growth supplements.

    Studies show that consuming protein-based supplements like whey protein powder can significantly improve and aid in muscle development. However, while multiple results confirm correlations between muscle growth and protein supplement intake, it’s crucial to note that these supplements aren’t the sole factor in building muscle mass and strength. 

    Researchers still advise regularly engaging in exercises and resistance training and consuming well-balanced and nutritional diets. With an active and healthy lifestyle, muscle supplements prime your body to get the best results. These factors go hand-in-hand in helping you achieve your dream body.

    Similarly, studies have shown that incorporating creatine supplements into one’s routine can stimulate muscle growth and enhance performance. However, these supplements can affect each user differently—some see significant gains in muscle mass over a period of regular workouts, while others don’t.

    For essential amino acids (EAA), researchers have found that EAA supplementation enhances and boosts both muscle and whole-body protein synthesis, effectively resulting in optimum muscle development and performance.

    Are muscle-building supplements safe to use?

    After learning which nutrients and chemicals make up muscle growth supplements and how to maximize effectiveness, you might be wondering how safe these supplements are. 

    Are there any risks and potentially harmful side effects of consuming a muscle-building supplement?

    As with any supplement, there are potential safety concerns that individuals must consider before incorporating them into their diet and fitness routine. One of which is the inclusion of banned and harmful substances in these supplements.

    Muscle growth supplements containing steroid-like or anabolic substances may pose severe health risks to their users, such as kidney and liver damage, heart problems, and pulmonary issues. Because these supplements alter hormones, users may also experience frequent mood swings, increased aggression, and acne breakouts.

    Consumption of other muscle gain supplements may pose milder short-term side effects, such as heartburn, heart palpitations, jitteriness, headaches, nausea, reduced appetites, diarrhea, and muscle cramps.

    It’s best to purchase and consume supplements from reputable manufacturers to reduce these harmful side effects. It’s also wise to check and follow the product’s labels regarding recommended dosage intake. 

    Most importantly, consult with a professional before consuming these supplements, especially if you have an underlying condition or are taking other medications. 

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    Muscle Growth Supplements—A Rising Trend?

    Muscle growth supplements have become increasingly popular among gym buffs and athletes who want to achieve more out of their workout programs. Who doesn’t want to see quick results when leading an active lifestyle?

    To unfamiliar minds, a muscle-building supplement may seem like a fast way to gain pounds of muscle in one go. But you're mistaken if you think these supplements work instantly, like Popeye’s magic spinach. 

    Muscle growth supplements stimulate gain and enhance performance during workouts, working their magic over time and with enough discipline. Some people may take these supplements solely to improve their physical performance. 

    However, to maximize effectiveness, experts recommend incorporating them into a balanced and well-maintained diet and a strict workout routine with resistance training.

    Muscle growth supplements are indeed a rising trend in the ever-growing world of fitness. With the many types available in-store and online, it's highly advisable to do your own research on the product before making a purchase. 

    Find the Best Muscle-Building Supplements From NCN Today!

    Muscle-building is a tedious and time-consuming process. With the help of a highly nutritional diet, regular exercise and resistance training, and tested muscle enhancement supplements, you can achieve your body and fitness goals in no time.

    Knowing what the best muscle-building supplement is lies in knowing what your body needs, and you can find it here at Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals!

    Genbolin, for one, is our all-natural muscle gain and recovery supplement made with Smilax sieboldii extract, a plant-based anabolic substance that safely boosts protein synthesis, enhances muscle strength, and improves muscle recovery without altering hormone production. 

    Start your muscle-building journey on the right foot with healthy and all-natural supplements from Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals! 


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