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    Finding the Best Laxogenin Supplement: Key Factors to Consider

    Finding the Best Laxogenin Supplement: Key Factors to Consider - NCN Supps

    While regular exercise and a proper diet are often enough to achieve their dream physiques, some people need a little push to reach their fitness goals, which may come in the form of supplements. For muscle-building, Laxogenin supplements are your best bet! What is the best Laxogenin supplement?

    Let’s learn how to select the best Laxogenin supplements in the market and discover which key factors to consider.

    What Are Laxogenin Supplements? 

    Before heading to the meatier parts of the discussion, it’s best to contextualize first and delve into the nature of Laxogenin supplements. 

    What exactly is Laxogenin, how does it work, and how do Laxogenin supplements differ from other muscle-building supplements like creatine or whey protein?

    Laxogenin is a type of plant hormone under the compound group of brassinosteroids. These compounds facilitate cell expansion, stimulate cell division, and promote plant growth. For these reasons, brassinosteroids like Laxogenin are often referred to as natural plant steroids.

    Laxogenin is abundant and can be extracted from the stems of plants like Smilax sieboldii, Allium schoenoprasum, and Allium chinense, which are often found in Asia.

    How do they work? 

    We’ve established that Laxogenin is vital for a plant’s growth. How will this plant steroid work with humans, then?

    Instead of its natural form, bodybuilding supplements contain a derivative of Laxogenin called 5-alpha hydroxy Laxogenin. The Laxogenin derivative is said to stimulate the following benefits in humans when consumed:

    • Increases protein synthesis
    • Facilitates lean muscle mass growth
    • Stimulates nitrogen retention in muscles
    • Reduces muscle inflammation and promotes muscle recovery
    • Improves overall exercise or athletic performance

    You may notice how similar its effects are to those of anabolic steroids. However, while Laxogenin supplement users receive identical benefits, they won’t experience the harmful side effects typically associated with the latter (e.g., organ malfunction, increased aggression, liver damage, etc.).

    Admittedly, it is challenging to thoroughly discuss and delve into how Laxogenin functions in the human body, as most of its reported benefits are solely based on user testimonials and anecdotes. Actual research on its effects on the body is limited.

    That said, because its anabolic-androgenic ratio is reportedly similar to Oxandrolone or Anavar (an anabolic steroid), most users point to Anavar research as evidence of Laxogenin’s capabilities and effectiveness in muscle-building. Additionally, research on brassinosteroids is often used to prove Laxogenin’s effectiveness.

    Laxogenin is said to increase protein synthesis. In particular, Laxogenin increases the production of muscle-building hormones and proteins like myogenin while hindering the formation of inhibitory hormones like myostatin.

    Additionally, because of its similarity to Anavar, Laxogenin reportedly positively influences nitrogen balance and retention in muscles. Positive nitrogen balance in muscles gives way to increased lean mass production and muscle growth.

    Some claims also suggest that Laxogenin may possess anti-inflammatory properties, potentially reducing muscle inflammation and promoting recovery. With all these effects, Laxogenin promotes enhanced muscle performance in its users.

    How will the body react to such supplements?

    While consuming Laxogenin won’t give users the typical steroid side effects, users may still experience a few minor side effects when consuming these supplements, such as headaches, nausea, and mild gastrointestinal problems. 

    How do they differ from creatine and whey protein?

    Because Laxogenin is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements, it is often compared to similar muscle-building supplements like creatine and whey protein. How does Laxogenin fair against the two?

    Below is a table juxtaposing the three and detailing their similarities and differences.

    Comparison chart between laxogenin, creatine, and whey protein


    People Also Ask: Does Laxogenin Really Work?

    As mentioned, there is no significant research to validate the effectiveness of Laxogenin. However, because of its similarity with other anabolic supplements and brassinosteroids and support from several anecdotal reports, Laxogenin’s impressive benefits cannot be denied.

    overhead shot of three different supplements in red, gold, and black bowls on a marble table

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    Choosing the Ideal Laxogenin Supplements: 4 Key Factors

    After knowing how Laxogenin supplements can aid your bodybuilding journey, it’s only right to learn the key components in getting the ideal Laxogenin supplement and receiving the best results.

    We’ve listed four primary factors you must consider when buying these supplements:

    Brand and Quality

    Because it will directly affect your body and development, the first and most important factor to consider is the quality of the supplement. Ensuring that the Laxogenin supplement has gone through high-quality testing and is of ideal standards will guarantee that it is safe for consumption.

    Besides the supplement itself, it’s also crucial to determine the credibility of the brand. Buying products from a reputable source gives you extra assurance that you’re in safe hands.

    Ingredient List

    Another component that you should consider is what goes into each supplement. As you would normally do when shopping for groceries, looking at the ingredients list will allow you to determine whether or not there are any additional additives, fillers, or ingredients that may be harmful to you.

    Capsule Dosage

    Since these supplements directly affect your bodily systems, paying attention to the dosage in each capsule is essential.

    100-200 mg of Laxogenin daily is the ideal dosage for users. Some beginners may jump straight to taking huge supplements with 200 mg of Laxogenin. However, starting at 100 mg and gradually increasing the dosage as you go is best.

    Reviews and Testimonials

    Most importantly, browsing through or reading product reviews and user testimonials is crucial when buying Laxogenin supplements. Through these reviews, you can determine the product's effectiveness, check the validity of its claims, and gain insights into other users’ experiences with the supplement.

    Firsthand feedback can help you make a more informed decision about whether the specific Laxogenin supplement suits your fitness goals and needs.

    Genbolin: The Best Laxogenin Supplement From NCN

    With how challenging, demanding, and time-consuming muscle-building is, there’s no shame in using various supplements to help your bodybuilding journey. 

    Hopefully, we’ve successfully shed light on the benefits of taking Laxogenin and helped you select the supplement suitable for your muscle-building needs with the key factors we’ve listed. 

    Looking for the ideal Laxogenin supplement to help you in your quest for improved muscle growth, physical performance, and overall physique? Consider taking Genbolin, Natural Chemist Nutraceuticals’ best muscle-building supplement!

    Genbolin is an all-natural Laxogenin supplement containing Smilax sieboldii extract, formulated to boost muscle protein synthesis, enhance muscle recovery, shred body fat, and ultimately support muscle growth and development without harmful side effects.

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